Monday 7th June 2010

I don’t know which of us could more easily be accused of being mad. My Mistress went out in the rain yesterday to start digging out the plot for her herb garden. This involves digging up a large amount of turf and then digging over the bed and making it into a reasonable garden. She said that working in the rain was not as tiring as working in heat, although even then she only got about five feet of the length she wanted to do dug out. I on the other hand was probably even closer to mad as I sat by the gate watching her. I hate it when she is out at the front and I can’t be with her. The least I can do is keep a watchful eye to make sure she is ok on her own. Shadow sat next to me to keep me company so by the time we came in we all needed to dry off. My Mistress pointed out to me that another time I would be better sitting on the other corner of the gate under the trees where there is some protection from the rain. I think she may have a point. She wants to get the bed dug out before her operation as she isn’t allowed to do any heavy work for a few weeks afterwards. She is also impatient to start planting a wider variety of herbs and besides that her tub that she planted is already over full and in need of expansion space.

Things got better once we dried out yesterday and we had a lazy afternoon all snuggled up on the settee. Those are the best times. Shadow and I were either side of my Mistress nestled into an arm each. Either my Mistress is going to have to grow a third arm by the time Megan arrives or we are going to have to take it in turns.