Saturday 24th April 2010

Shadow and I have been helping to remove a whole load of self seeded trees from the back garden. When I say a whole load, there are actually hundreds of them that have started to grow during the building work while we haven’t been able to attend to the garden. Of course saying we helped may be a slight exaggeration. We ran off with the twigs as they were cut off and generally churned up all the topsoil that was waiting for the new grass to be laid on it. All in all we had a great time, but possibly made the job take rather longer than had been intended. My Mistress has also started to move the garden furniture into place and has managed to get her little car into the garage without scraping the side on the walls, which I think is quite an achievement given how much stuff is in the way.

I forgot to mention yesterday that both Shadow and I watched some of the leadership debate on television on Thursday night. Neither of us were particularly impressed with Gordon Brown, particularly when he was saying words like ‘We are sincere’ and ‘we care’ while showing absolutely no emotion on his face at all. I kept jumping up and down saying I should have been included in the debate and asking when they were going to start discussing the real issues. I don’t think dogs were even mentioned once in the whole course of the debate. I wonder if I could get a ticket to the final debate and get on the list to ask a question.

My Mistress is busy organising our Fun Day. I am getting quite excited about seeing the other dogs again. We are going to have lots of games and fun dog show this time. My Master and I are really looking forward to the sausage race. He’s even asked if I’ll be prepared to share the sausages with him. I said yes as long as he gets down on the floor to eat them and can actually beat me to it.