Sunday 25th April 2010

You have never seen so much hard work to get a project finished. Talk about Ground Force. Saturday morning was long enough for the builders to totally transform the garden from a bleak building site into a beautiful oasis. Ok, I may be exaggerating ever so slightly, but the turf they have laid looks beautiful. In theory for it to have chance to grow we have to keep off it for three weeks and Shadow and I are being urged to pee somewhere else. As if that is going to happen. To give it some opportunity my Mistress is putting us on our leads and taking us to other parts of the garden, which really spoils our fun.

Anyway, our paternal grandparents have arrived and as ever it is a pleasure to see them. I thoroughly enjoyed showing them our new house and proudly telling them about all the bits I had chosen. I tried to play down all the bits that had been designed with us dogs in mind in case it looked as though we were too high up the pecking order. It’s been a team effort and one we are all looking forward to enjoying for a very long time to come. The next step is the summer house. Well at least after the woodpecker doorknocker that will be the next step. My Mistress is quite excited about it and plans a little deck for Shadow and I to lie on while she works out there. This will be the point at which she begins to regret having given away quite so much furniture. It would have come in useful. She does have an easy chair in the loft and some carpet remnants. I think she is also planning to have her deck chairs out too, but there is a small matter of a desk to work on. I suppose looking at it positively, she hasn’t actually given away a desk, although there was a table.