Saturday 17th April 2010

Shadow and I are on tenterhooks wondering whether my Master will remember to pick us up this morning. My Mistress did pack us off saying that he was scheduled to pick us up, but then as a precautionary measure she packed enough food for us in case he didn’t. It’s going to be very strange being in the new house without my Mistress about for a couple of days. I wonder if my Master will allow me to sleep in her spot on the bed rather than it go completely to waste? We haven’t heard from her since she headed for Switzerland a couple of days ago. I do hope everything is all right. Today is a very important day as she is attending the test they run in Switzerland to see if a dog is suitable for breeding. This is the test that Shadow will have to undertake this time next year. She has to have a number of health tests and then show that she is a suitable character and looks enough like the breed to be able to be the mother of future generations. I asked her if she was nervous about it, but she is too young to really understand just how important a role she has to play. She will start having her health tests in a few months, maybe at that point she will start to understand that this is not something to take lightly. There will be no meeting a local dog for her and simply doing what comes naturally. Her mate will have been carefully selected to compliment her skills and character. I think my Mistress is trying to see all the available dogs while she is in Switzerland too. I know she is hoping that my half brother, Glen, will still be a stud dog. He looks and behaves so like me that she thinks he would be an ideal father. I take that as a compliment but then I sighed thinking about what might have been if I could have had puppies of my own.