Sunday 18th April 2010

Well my Mistress isn’t due to be home until late tonight. All I can say is that an awful lot of pizzas have been eaten in her absence and none of them by either Shadow or I.

I can’t wait to see all the photos my Mistress has taken of the dogs in Switzerland, especially Megan. I do hope she is going to take the time to tell us all about it. I know she needs to explain to Shadow the tests she needs to undertake but I hope she realises that although I’m not eligible I’d still like to hear about them. It’s funny to think of what might have been had I been completely healthy. I know I would have made a good father, but I’ll never get the chance. Still like my Mistress I can take exercise my parenting feelings on litters of puppies that aren’t my own. I’m starting to realise how hard it will be to watch the puppies going off to new homes when they are just eight weeks old. I can also understand why it is important to have a reunion sometime later to be able to see them again and make sure they are doing ok. I remember back to when I met up with my Mum and brother and sisters. The list of questions she had for me on how I was being looked after doesn’t seem so strange now. I’m already thinking of all the things I shall want to check before I even allow them to go and live with someone else. I’m going to be one of these over-protective fathers that doesn’t like his children’s friends and thinks nobody is good enough for them.