Monday 22nd March 2010

The pub quiz entered a whole other realm last night with a taste round. My Mistress was unable to try all the foods as she was allergic to some, but for the others she had to identify the branded products from the supermarket own brand alternative. I said I would have been willing to eat all the samples but apparently that wasn’t the point of the game. I wonder if she could arrange something similar for our Entlebucher fun day. We could have lots of varieties of dog food and see which of us could work out what they were. Better still, we could have different cuts of steak and see if we could tell the difference. Now that would really be what I would call a fun day!

Today appears to be the calm before the storm. My Mistress is having a quiet day trying to clear as much of the paperwork on her desk so that nothing falls through the gaps during the move. I have of course been helping by licking down envelopes as required and trotting down to the post box. It would have felt like old times, were it not for the boxes everywhere and the chaos. She has promised that everything will get back to normal just as soon as she can manage it. For a start she is fed up with having no time to write. She was starting to feel she was making some real progress, but this has all come to a grinding halt. I asked if she thought we could spend some time on my Woodland stories again and she has said that we will look at them in May. I just have to be a little bit patient.