Tuesday 23rd March 2010

My Mistress sat us down and reassured us that all our beds and toys will reappear at the other end when we come out of kennels. She put some of our outdoor rope toys on the fence to dry in the sun, but sadly forgot to take them in before it rained again. She did threaten to throw out the worst of them, but we begged her to let us keep them and she only threw out the very worst of the broken toys. As she has applied the same strategy with her own things, we can’t feel too aggrieved. We have had a little discussion about being nice to the workmen and I have certainly understood it. Shadow says it depends if they are nice to her and largely that depends on whether they will play with her. My Mistress has promised that on Friday she will take a break from working for a couple of hours to curl up with us and create some new favourite places so that we feel settled. I asked whether she could stretch it to the whole day, but she didn’t think that was very likely. It also turns out that we will be denied access to a couple of the rooms, so I hope it doesn’t turn out that they would have been our favourite places.

Megan has sent us her good wishes for the house move. I think she is hoping that Shadow and I don’t take all the best spots for ourselves that that there are some of them left for her. If it’s anything like when Shadow moved in, I will be a push over anyway. She will only have to say ‘Please may I sit there?’ and I’ll move over for her. In Shadow’s case there wasn’t even a please!