Wednesday 10th February 2010

Every so often my Mistress has to go to London for a meeting and on those occasions Shadow and I have to pack our bags and come into kennels. To be fair, we usually get a choice. We can either spend much of the day on our own and have to endure my Master’s cooking and we could stay at home, or we can come for a day with our friends at the kennels. It’s not much of a choice. I’d be ok at home, but I know what Shadow is like when she gets bored and it really isn’t helpful. So here I am, twiddling my paws and looking forward to my Mistress coming back. Now I know it’s good that she does some work that actually brings in a bit of money, as being a writer isn’t exactly lucrative, but I do wish she could do it without having to leave the house.

Now I know this isn’t relevant to anything, but I was thinking yesterday and what I want to know is, if all the world’s a stage, where’s the audience or is this just the intermission. I suppose it could be like the film the Truman show and we can’t see the people who are watching us. In some ways the internet makes the world more and more like a stage everyday. This is the sort of rambling you get when I’ve got too much time on my paws.

My Mistress was asked by the painters which walls were to be in which colours, where she had specified two different colours for a room. It was only then that she began to realise that the colour will meet up with another colour in a different room and it may not quite work. She can see now that she is going to be out with her paintbrush making changes sooner than she would like. She’ll be happy with it but the rest of the family will not be happy that she’s got it a little bit wrong. “Oh well” I said, “just tell the rest of the family not to go into those rooms.” She said that it may not be that simple!