Friday 15th January 2010

What does a puppy do when they’re bored? Well in the case of Shadow, you climb up onto the kitchen work surface, fetch down the oven gloves and eat the thumbs of both of them. They are still a perfectly matching pair, it’s just that you wouldn’t want to grip anything using the thumb bit. I’ve been wondering whether she was making a bit of a political statement. Something about the fact that we, as a species, don’t have opposable thumbs and the oven gloves as they stood clearly hadn’t been made with us in mind. Given that this is Shadow we are talking about and she’s a bit of bimbo at the best of times, it might just have been that that was the part that conveniently fitted in her mouth for chewing. Now my Mistress is in a dilemma, does she go and buy new oven gloves or does she make do with the old ones until the rest of our stuff comes out of storage and we are restocked on oven gloves? I suppose the ‘burning’ question is, how much damage can she do to herself in six weeks if she keeps using the thumbless pair?

I hate to get on a soapbox, but don’t you think we have our priorities wrong when there are thousands left dead by the earthquake in Haiti and the Yahoo headline is that the snow thaw MAY bring flooding? It makes you wonder how on earth the UK would cope with a real disaster. Now to be fair, I have a lot of sympathy with the people of Cumbria and the flooding they faced before Christmas was a real disaster, but fortunately there were not thousands of people losing their lives. Maybe when people have a real emergency they stop complaining and get on and deal with it. I hope we never have to find out.