Monday 21st December 2009

With only another four shopping days to Christmas, I have to ask the question ‘are you ready?’ I suppose you are more interested in the question ‘will you be ready in time?’ unless you are now smugly putting your feet up and resting before the big day. With going away, my Mistress did most of her planning before she went. Of course she didn’t need me to point out she’d wasted her time. There are just the essentials like food to be addressed this week. I do hope she remembers to add to her Christmas order that is being delivered from Tesco’s on Wednesday. If she doesn’t we’ll all be having a banana for Christmas lunch and not a lot else.

As it turned out there was more than enough wrapping paper left over from previous years and none needed to be bought. There were also enough sticky tape and gift tags. This just goes to show how much my Mistress has got  carried away in previous years and gives you something of an idea of just how much junk we are going to be packing up in order to move house. When the house move takes place I am volunteering to stay in kennels rather than have to help. It would mean we weren’t under everybody’s way and there weren’t and risks of leaving doors open as people go in and out. You may have spotted it also means we don’t have to pack, unpack or carry boxes. The tip is only just round the corner and my Mistress is threatening a serious clear out of all the junk. I need to go round and hide all my broken toys before she starts thinking that throwing them out would be a good idea!