Tuesday 15th December 2009

On the internet yesterday, there was a story about a reindeer in Edinburgh Zoo that  has just had a ‘life-saving’ operation and it turns out that it was exactly the same operation I had three years ago. The poor reindeer had to have an undescended testicle removed by keyhole surgery. The article was saying how rare keyhole surgery is for animals, but how much better it is for recovery. It made me realise how fortunate I had been to live near the clinic in the Netherlands that specialised in keyhole surgery for operations such as that. Here I am, years later, fully fit and very happy. I hope the reindeer recovers as well as I did and is ready in time for Christmas. You never know, Santa might need his help.

Meanwhile, back at home, my Mistress has adopted the annoying habit of singing Christmas Carols at full pelt as she goes around the house. Now if she could remember all the words to all the verses there would be much more variety, but given that she can’t sing in tune and can’t remember all the words it is a bit like hearing the worst of the door to door carol singers. I’m hoping that it is only a brief phase and that she will be back to her non-singing self as soon as possible. At least there aren’t as many verses to most of the carols as there are to the twelve days of Christmas and she hasn’t started on that yet!

My Mistress is starting to give me the instructions I’m going to need for next weekend when she goes away. Not only do I have to make it very clear to my Master when either Shadow or I want to go to the toilet but I have to remind him to get meals ready for himself and Andy. I’m just hoping he remembers to feed us, otherwise he is going to have a riot on his hands.