Monday 14th December 2009

Although my Mistress did put some decorations up yesterday, the newer decorations that aren’t in the process of falling apart are in a box. The only problem is that my Mistress doesn’t exactly know which box and we’ve got a lot of boxes sitting around in one room or another. In the end she made an executive decision to work with what she could get to and buy some reduced price baubles in Tesco’s. It appears there is a way round almost every problem. On a happier note, the tree managed to fit in the lounge rather than the kitchen and so isn’t under threat from Shadow when everyone goes out. It also means that it’s safe to put some chocolate decorations on the tree for the children. Now all my Mistress has to do is find some chocolate decorations!

We are in trouble for having an almighty row with our next door neighbour’s dog yesterday morning. Apparently, at that hour on a Sunday morning, most people are likely to still be in bed. It was all a bit unfair really. The dog in question is a very small Jack Russell who keeps escaping and coming round to see us. She doesn’t have a very loud bark, so when we argue back everyone thinks it’s us starting the problem. Now I don’t like Jack Russells at the best of times but this just adds insult to injury. My Mistress has said that thankfully when we move, none of our immediate neighbours will be dogs. She may think that’s a good thing, but I think it will be a real shame. I may pick the wrong times to do it, but everyone likes a good argument once in a while. It’s not just the barking, it’s the chasing up and down the garden madly at the same time that I enjoy. I could argue with Shadow but I don’t think the chasing would be quite the same.