Saturday 12th December 2009

I was going to tell you with some confidence that the next full moon, later this month, is a blue moon. Then I read up in Wikipedia and found that the definition I was using was a common misunderstanding. So I can instead say to you that a glorious event occurred yesterday, that whilst it only happens once in blue moon. What I can’t tell you is what exactly a blue moon is. Anyway, the momentous event that occurred yesterday was my Mistress dropped the box of dog biscuits. I am delighted to tell you that they went everywhere. It turns out that I can shovel up the biscuits with my mouth, far faster than she can pick them up again. Of course it backfired when she gave strict instructions to the rest of the house that under no circumstances was I to be given any more biscuits for the rest of that day or for that matter today either. I sat and looked her with my best doleful look, but for once she wasn’t going to give in, which is a dreadful shame. I shall of course keep trying.

Meanwhile the weather is looking more like winter and I’m just wishing we had a log fire for me to lounge in front of. Of course, we will have one when we move although all the wood we already have has ended up getting very wet. I suspect we may be in need of a new log delivery but I have no idea where it will go to keep dry. I think that is one small think that my Mistress might just have overlooked in her perfect planning process. I’d offer to have it in our hall, but Shadow would only chew it and leave it all round the house.