Friday 11th December 2009

The weather forecast is bright and cold and more importantly dry. Now of course, it would be nice to have snow, but an opportunity for the ground to dry out or at least freeze, has to be welcome rather than being knee deep in mud. As fast as our kitchen floor gets washed it seems to get dirty again and whilst I know I have to stand on the mat to have my paws wiped when I come in, it seems to be taking Shadow a long time to get the hang of the process. This sort of weather reminds me of my early days living in Belgium and having lots of lovely crisp walks in the woods behind our house. It used to be wonderful on bright frosty days with the steam gently rising off the fields. I do miss my homeland. I know that I’ve now lived in England for almost as long as I lived in Belgium, but it really isn’t the same.

The new house is starting to come together. The kitchen and bathrooms are being fitted at the moment and it is beginning to look more like a house than a building site again. I asked if I could have a sneak preview of which cupboard the dog biscuits are going to be stored in, but there is still a problem of having to step over holes in the floor and my Mistress doesn’t think I’d manage to do that very easily. I said it’s probably no more difficult than crossing a cattle grid and I’ve got the hand of those, but she assured me the gaps between the rafters are far greater and I might not be able to do it that easily. I shall just have to wait a few weeks.