Friday 4th December 2009

You know how the whole point of a bathmat is to have something soft under your little tootsies when you get out of the bath or shower, well this morning my Mistress was not impresses. She got out of the shower and stood on a hard patch of dried glue. This it would seem is thanks to the plumber who came to reseal the shower and bathroom ceiling. Some sort of sealant seems to have been deposited in a large dollop on the bathmat and it is fair to say, it will never be the same again. My Mistress has put it through the washing machine, but to no avail. It is about to go and join that great pile of bathmats in the sky. She’s the more upset for the fact she bought it on a Greek Island while on holiday and was rather fond of it. Oh we’ve got other bathmats, in fact we’ve got a pile of spare ones, but that’s not the point. This one had dolphins on and was the right size for the ensuite. The spare ones are plain and much larger. I said she’d just have to get a bigger ensuite so that it would fit.

I was reading on the internet that there is a toll bridge for sale. Not our local toll bridge, but one in a place called Swinford. It turns out that income from a toll bridge is tax free too, according to some ancient act of Parliament. On that basis it seems like a worthwhile investment. There are some local residents who are complaining and saying that the toll should be abolished, but if they’d got any sense they would be clubbing together to buy the bridge and make some money out of the non-locals that pass that way. If they wanted to be philanthropic they could abolish the toll for local residents altogether.