Saturday 5th December 2009

I have finally been introduced to a concept that has completely blown my mind. My Mistress is listening to the audio book version of Dan Brown’s ‘Lost Symbol’ and was fascinated by the idea of noetic science, so she’s been reading up on it. It’s interesting when you start to link it with one of her theories about some of her creative work. She says and if this sounds a bit weird, please remember it is from her and not me, anyway, she says that sometimes it’s as though the ideas pre-existed outside of you and simply use you as a channel to write them down. On that basis I have suggested that she is wrong to use the copyright symbol and her own name, but it seems that there are practical considerations which permit her to steal these pre-existing ideas and claim them as her own.

Now if this theory of hers is true, don’t you wonder why there are no birds out there whistling original compositions or cats documenting the greatest film ideas of our time? Of course it could be that the ideas that hit other species are wasted as they have no way of documenting them, but just remember the next time you see a bedraggled sheep out in the corner of a rain sodden field, it might be thinking great thoughts.

Refreshingly, I am told that my ideas on decentralised government deserve a wider audience. I’m not sure how much wider than the internet I can go, but anyway, if you’d like to tell your friends you heard it first from Alfie Dog that would be a starting point. I did wonder about sending the link to my MP, but in some ways they are the last people who are likely to be interested in a way of abolishing second home allowances!