Sunday 22nd November 2009

Christmas preparations have been officially declared as ‘open’. My Mistress has always had a cut off point of her father’s birthday, prior to which she cannot face any thought of Christmas. Now however, it is full steam ahead. I said could we start by making a cake, but it seems she’s not bothering with one of those this year. I can look forward to the dead tree in the pot by the front door being taken to the tip and replaced by a beautiful new one. In turn, it will of course die next spring and then sit in its pot for a further nine months before being unceremoniously evicted. This year all preparations need to be completed before my Mistress’s trip to visit the puppy in Switzerland. At that point she wants to be able to relax and enjoy herself and not be worrying about unsent Christmas cards. At the moment she is starting to worry about unbought Christmas cards and an unwritten Christmas letter.

I am keeping all sharp objects away from Shadow as I am sure she has some dangerous ideas. My Mistress is making sure that nothing is left in reach, which seems a sensible precaution. Except for the fact that Shadow doesn’t seem to be able to read, I’d be sure she was getting ideas from my Mistress’s work. In the scene she is writing at the moment someone is stabbed using a kitchen knife. I suppose I could see it the other way round and think that my Mistress is taking her inspiration from Shadow. Shadow seems oblivious to the fuss that she has caused, which all things considered is probably a good thing.