Saturday 21st November 2009

Is living here really so very bad? Alternatively I think Shadow might be planning a life of crime. My Mistress had lost a kitchen knife. It belongs in the first slot of the knife block and it was most definitely not there. She looked everywhere. All of the cutlery draws were searched and she’d looked under the microwave and behind a group of bottles. She had reached the sad conclusion that it must have been inadvertently thrown out in the rubbish. That was until she wondered what Shadow was chewing and retrieved the mangled handle of the knife. Fortunately, it doesn’t look as though she had progressed to chewing the blade, which is quite fortunate as it is a sharp knife. The handle of the knife will never be quite the same again, but at least Shadow has come to no harm and seems unscathed by her experience. I have asked my Mistress whether she thinks it might be wise to keep the murder story she is writing a long way from where Shadow might see it, just in case.

I’m starting to think it’s time for a change in Government, if only to give me some new material to write about. I know that when it all boils down to it they are all about as bad as each other but they do come in different shades of bad. The Monster Raving Looney Party don’t have exclusive rights to the crazy ideas. It is fair to say that even the most serious of politicians has come out with some zany thoughts at some point in their often brief political lives. Except for the risk that I could lose my deposit if not enough people voted for me, I could seriously consider standing under the Pet Dogs Democratic Party banner. I wonder if there is any way I might get enough votes to make it worthwhile.