Wednesday 28th October 2009

I have been disappointed after reading that we were due to have an Indian summer to find it was relatively cool and wet here. What’s wrong with Yorkshire? Why shouldn’t we be as Indian as the rest of the country? I do like the sort of weather that we can play outside and have the back door open to come and go as we please. It’s a pain when we have to have our paws wiped before we’re allowed back in, although it does keep the kitchen floor a little cleaner.

I was excited when a pack of information came from the Kennel Club the other day. I thought it really must be meant for me. I asked if I could open it and my Mistress said that was fine. It was only then that I discovered it was all the information for Discover Dogs and I’m not going to that. Shadow is, so I threw the envelope at her and went off in a sulk. I know it’s my own fault but it does rather rub it in to realise just what fun I’ll be missing, particularly as all of Shadow’s brothers are going and I haven’t seen them since they were tiny. She’s excited, of course. It will also be her first time staying in a hotel. I just hope she copes without me there to show her what to do.

It has reached that time of year when firework displays are being arranged. It will be Shadow’s first year of fireworks, although she coped with thunder storms reasonably well. I’ve tried explaining to her that the best spot is on my owners’ bed where you can see the sky for quite a wide area. You don’t really hear too many of the bangs either and if you get scared, there’s always the option of hiding under the duvet.