Thursday 1st October 2009

I can’t tell you how my Mistress is yet as we aren’t being picked up until this afternoon and no one has bothered to ring me to let me know. Yes of course I’m a bit annoyed about it. I’m her companion. You’d think they would have the decency to phone me. Still, that is so often the lot of the family pet. You get thought of last of all. Your feelings aren’t taken into account. I just sit here and worry and hope she’s ok. I’m presuming that she isn’t completely ok as she would have rung me herself. She doesn’t see me as coming bottom of the pecking order. With my Mistress, I’m somewhere up there at the top.

I was reading a piece on the internet the other day that said the skull that was taken by the Russians and believed to be Hitler’s has turned out to be that of a woman under the age of 40. Now either, Hitler was a very good disguise artist or she wasn’t associated with that particular skull. My Mistress would say that you only have to look at his behaviour to realise he couldn’t have been a she, but I would point out that Boadicea seemed to manage to go to war quite happily and still be female so why not Hitler. Of course, Boadicea didn’t bother to try to disguise herself as a man, so that particular theory might be flawed and I have to say the moustache always looked fairly convincing. On a serious note, if that wasn’t Hitler’s skull you have to wonder whether he actually died in that incident at all or whether he managed to walk away and live to fight another day, or at least to disappear into obscurity.