Wednesday 30th September 2009

Humans can be strange creatures. A woman in Australia who went to look at a Chihuahua puppy decided that holding the family at gunpoint was going to prove that she was a fit owner for the puppy. Now fair enough, it may have been cute, but it was a Chihuahua for heavens sake and they are never worth going to prison for. She wanted the puppy and wasn’t prepared to pay for it, so she simply pulled a gun on the family concerned. Now dog breeding is difficult at the best of times. You have to go through lots of costly health tests with your dogs, then you get to sleep on a camp bed next to them to make sure everything is ok. At the end of that, you get the difficult job of selecting prospective owners for your little darlings, who you would like to think are attentive, considerate people who will love and cherish your little ones, rather than gun wielding maniacs that will hold you to ransom. Fortunately, one of the people present was an off duty policeman who managed to take charge of the situation. You will be pleased to know that that particular lady will not be having a Chihuahua puppy just at the moment.

Shadow and I are off to kennels this morning so that my Mistress can go into hospital for her operation without having to worry about us as well. I’ve promised to look after Shadow and make sure she doesn’t take her bandage off. It is going to be a bit of a pain being in a confined space with a dog wearing a huge collar, but it might give the bruises on my Mistress’s legs some chance of recovering.