Friday 2nd October 2009

I’m having a little celebration. Obviously there is the fact that my Mistress is doing just fine and I needn’t have been worrying, but more importantly than that more of you read my diary last month than ever before. In fact there were 200 pages more read than have been read in my previous best month. Now I realise that I have to write something interesting for you to have to read it, but let’s see if we can make October another record month.

Amongst the worrying stories there are to be found on the internet, it seems that breeding conditions have been perfect for spiders this year. The result is that we can expect there to be many more of them coming into our homes in the autumn. For me, it’s not too big a deal. It will just mean a few more snacks to supplement my diet but for my Mistress it is not such an encouraging prospect. As she has pointed out, I do a good job of the ones at floor level, but at 30kg, she has difficulty holding me up to get the ones higher up the walls. I’m sure there must be an easier method of dealing with these problems than getting your dog to do it for you. Shadow is not so hot in pursuit. She has usually drawn attention to herself long before she gets close to the spider. The spider doesn’t stick around to see what will happen next and as far as my Mistress is concerned, there is nothing worse than realising there is a large eight legged animal under the settee you were planning to sit on. Moving the settee is also dangerous as you don’t know which side the spider will run out and there is always the risk that your feet will be in the way.