Thursday 24th September 2009

Do you ever have one of those days when you simply can’t think of an interesting thing to write about? I sat there with my head on my paws and asked my Mistress for some ideas. She said she was having enough problem with the chapter of her book that she’s supposed to be writing to be able to help me as well. I then turned to Shadow, who was busy trying to pull the bandage off her foot. It’s one of those non-days really. It was the sort of day when the weather is grey and you just feel dopy and unwilling to participate in anything very energetic.


It may not surprise you to know that my Mistress is still trying to recover the money for the repairs to her car. The repair was technically under guarantee. The only problem is that technically that guarantee is in Belgium and not England, so she had to pay for the repair and then write to Belgium to recover the money. So she paid and she wrote and she heard nothing. The next thing she did was rang them to see what was happening. They said they would find out and ring her back. Guess what. They haven’t! Now she has rung again but the man she spoke to is out so she has to ring back later. Do you ever get the impression that this is one that could run and run?

Why do humans have nose hairs but dogs don’t? I was thinking about this when I got one of my whiskers caught in a cupboard door. Humans don’t have whiskers, which are useful to test the width of a space but they do have nose hairs, which as far as I can see serve no useful purpose except to look unsightly. Perhaps this is just another way that humans would be better to be like dogs.