Wednesday 23rd September 2009

I take back everything I said about Shadow wearing her collar from habit. It came off and she had the good sense to chew the piece that held it together so that my Mistress couldn’t put it back on. Sadly she also had an absence of sense in that she then chewed both of the wounds on her back legs and opened them both up. To begin with it looked as though she was going to have to have one of them restitched, but the vet decided it simply needed rebinding with a special gel that will help it heal. So now not only is she wearing a brand new collar, slightly larger than the one she had before, but she has a pink bandage on her paw as well. In a couple of days she gets the bandage changed, but the collar is to remain on for another ten days. By that stage I think my Mistress will have more bruise than healthy flesh on her legs.

The day that Shadow went to the vet was an unhealthy day all round really. Firstly my Mistress found out she has shingles, then she had to take Shadow to the vet and then James to the dentist. I was glad that at least my Master and I could avoid any nasty visits.

I’m supposed to be occupying myself today. My Mistress is concentrating on introducing the baddy in her novel and she wants him to make an impact. I keep making suggestions but she isn’t keen on most of them. She has at least given a lead role to a dog in this novel, which I for one am very happy about, although it is a border collie rather than an Entlebucher, but at least it’s a working dog of some sort.