Wednesday 16th September 2009

What I didn’t mention to you was that since her operation, Shadow has to where a collar to stop her trying to chew her bandages off. Her head is fairly small. The collar is quite large. This is a difference that she has not yet really got used it. She is a walking disaster area, knocking off everything in her path and leaving an unhappy trail of destruction. The worst of it for my Mistress is that Shadow keeps accidentally ramming into the backs of her legs and is causing a very large number of bruises. The worst for shadow is that her head keeps reverberating every time she walks into something. I did go and get the big chew for her to gnaw on, but to be honest she was having so much difficulty getting to it that in the end I thought I was kinder to chew it for her. She is quite down in the dumps and now nearly as bouncy as usual. She has real difficulty with the stairs and if she doesn’t remember to hold her head up, she simply butts into each step in turn. She managed to knock the collar off altogether yesterday doing that, but thankfully my Mistress was able to put it back on. She also managed to walk out of one of her bandages and rather than do that herself, my Mistress took her back to the vet to have it redone. This time they have used sticking plaster to hold them on. That is good news from the point of reducing the number of trips to the vet but it sure isn’t going to be good news when they come to take it off and chunks of hair come with it. Shadow is not going to enjoy that.