Sunday 23rd August 2009

You have got to worry about the tax office in England. My Mistress has received a letter. It says they have sent a copy to her ‘agent’. They enclose a copy of what has been sent to this agent. The only problem is that she doesn’t have a tax agent and has never heard of the people they have sent it to before. She rang the tax office to explain and they seemed to think that their records couldn’t possibly be wrong. Now either my Mistress is going senile and can’t remember having appointed someone to handle her tax or the tax office is fallible. My money is firmly on the tax office. I wouldn’t dare suggest that my Mistress is going senile, even if she will be another year older by the end of the week.

I sat Shadow down and said that now she is six months old, it is about time she started to think about her career options. She just looked at me as though I was stupid. Then she said she already knows what she will be doing as my Mistress has told her that it is her job to have lots of puppies. Well I just sat and looked at her. It suddenly felt very unfair that I couldn’t be a stud dog and that I had to find a different career option. I would have enjoyed the chance to be a father. Still, it isn’t my fault or my Mistress’s come to that. It’s just one of those things. It seems a little unfair that it means Shadow can just concentrate on her appearance and doesn’t need to get her paws dirty working for a living.