Monday 27th July 2009

I’ve heard from my Mistress and she’s missing me. She says it’s the little things like when she drops cauliflower on the floor and no one comes running to eat it. Most of all she is missing our early morning cuddle, which is good as I’m missing it too. I’m not sure that it’s a good idea letting her loose playing things like Laser Combat. Basically, she is a pacifist and yet give her a gun and a competition and she’s willing to kill anyone. To be fair they aren’t very dead, but it’s amazing how you can turn someone’s head so easily.

She’s not sure if I would have enjoyed it if I had gone with them. I’m not awfully good at rowing. I struggle with the oars. I’d have enjoyed all the trees and wildlife, but given they are going everywhere on bicycles, I might have had difficulty keeping up.

Back in kennels, I have been considering the foreign policy of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party. After my realisation of the implications of mobility of labour, I’m not sure that having open borders is the best idea for us. We need to develop strategic alliances with those countries that have similar aims. I’m certainly considering an alliance with both Belgium and Switzerland. Those countries are very dear to me, but I might have to have restrictions on movement between us and any country that either eats dogs or leaves them to live on the streets. I think it was the Russians that sent dogs into space, so I’m certainly willing to open negotiations with them, but we will withdraw from membership of the wider Eurozone, until we have clear evidence that the rights of dogs have been safeguarded in all member states. I’m thinking that the constitution might prove a bit of a sticking point.