Sunday 12th July 2009

It’s the weekend, it’s a beautiful day and Shadow and I decided it was the perfect day for a picnic. I wanted to go up into the hills, Shadow wanted to go to the seaside. I won on practicality, once I’d explained that a lot of beaches didn’t allow dogs on them in the summer months. All we had to do then was convince my Mistress. You know, there are times that she really needs to let her hair down. Not only did she explain that she couldn’t take us today, but her reasons were rather depressing from a dog’s perspective. She was waiting for a Tesco delivery and on top of that the collection of the things she has prepared for next weekend’s village fun day. Now I understand why there has been a pile of old plates sitting by the front door for the last week and a half. Apparently, they are for the plate smashing, although from my inspection of them, I would say some of them look fairly indestructible, so they may not go down to well. My Master was pleased to see that some of our forest of indoor plants have moved out for the plant stall. We have to go to collect the coconuts for the shy on Friday. It all means that the trip out that Shadow and I had planned will just have to wait.

Hearing the news that President Obama is visiting Ghana, I was wondering which country overseas I would visit first if I became Prime Minister. Would quarantine restrictions be lifted if I was important or do you think they would still apply? It would be very difficult to have a packed schedule of international duties and then find you were taken into quarantine for a month or more. Do you think you can choose where you visit, based on the places you’ve always wanted to see or do you think there is some hidden diplomatic agenda that you have to comply with? I would have to give priority to those countries in which dogs are free to be pets. It’s a bit like the dog equivalent of democracy.