Saturday 11th July 2009

Oh the excitement! The sheep are back. They arrived yesterday and I barked a greeting to them. Actually, I probably barked a greeting to the whole village, but it’s good to share the news. I was glad to have something to cheer me up really, what with Shadow being so full of herself. She had been taken out for a walk round the market in Easingwold and lots of people stopped her to tell her how beautiful she was. I think it may have slightly gone to her head. I know my Master and Mistress say I’m handsome, but I don’t get stopped in the streets all that much these days. I suppose I did when I was a puppy, so I shall just have to look forward to Shadow being an adult and people stopping noticing her quite as much.

My human maternal grandparents are coming to stay from tomorrow. They haven’t met Shadow yet. I do hope they don’t forget to give me some fuss in their enthusiasm of meeting their first grand daughter. I know she’s pretty, but it’s no fun having that pointed out to you, all the time.

My Mistress has discovered how annoying she must have been as a child. You might be surprised to realise it has taken her until now to find out, but it is all to do with history repeating itself. As a child, she spent hours hitting a tennis ball against the side of the house. Now that James is doing the same thing with a polocrosse ball, she is realising how the house reverberates and how difficult it is if you are the one inside the house while it’s happening.