Wednesday 8th July 2009

I’ve thought about continuing to write my Woodland Stories on my own, but it’s no good. I’m a dog. What do I know about writing a children’s book. I think it’s just a confidence thing. I really need to go on a conference to ‘find my focus’ and come back with some determination, but it’s “Oh no Alfie, you can’t go, you’re a dog.” Prejudice! It’s everywhere, even in my own home. Shadow got taken out yesterday, but it was “Oh no Alfie, you don’t need to go, it’s just that Shadow needs weighing.” And so I was left behind. To be fair, I don’t need weighing. I know I’m big boned without the scales at the vet confirming it. Shadow on the other paw, now weighs half as much as I do and she’s still growing. She’s not going to be a size zero type of dog either!

My Mistress wants to have a moan about computer printers too. Firstly there is the fact that it is coincidental with the installation of the new printer that her computer has stopped working again and secondly this new printer seems to use ink as though it is going out of fashion. It’s all very well until you work out just how much to costs to print a single page from the printer and then it’s no joke. There has to be a better way of doing this than using poky little cartridges that run out every five minutes. It’s either find a better way of arranging printing or find a new occupation that pays enough to cover the printing. There are down sides to being a writer! And don’t even get me started on the fact that however hard you try on a piece of work, someone can see something you should have done better.