Sunday 21st June 2009

My Mistress has an old car, my car as I like to think of it. There is just one small problem. She doesn’t use it very often and whenever she comes to want to go out in it, the battery is flat. Last time it actually needed a new battery, so this time we are just hoping it will need charging. She tried to get it out when it was sunny, but by the time she came to sort it out the good weather had gone again. What I want to know, is how she plans to get all of us dogs in the car with her, given there is only one other seat than the one she needs to drive it from. I am absolutely not prepared to be left out while she takes Shadow anywhere in my car. It’s probably my Mistress I should be saying that to rather than all of you, but I haven’t found the right words yet. If you could mention it if you see her, that would be great.

Shadow is not too bad company, but she doesn’t really understand how I’m feeling. She thinks I’m a bit down because I’m not at home with my Master and Mistress, she doesn’t have the same feeling about the fact that my Mistress is heading to Belgium, the land of my birth, without me. My Mistress is even going to visit my mum, sister and new baby niece and all I’ll be able to do is look at the pictures when she comes back. To say I’m feeling sorry for myself is a bit of an understatement. When my Mistress was telling me about the places and people that she plans to visit, I felt very sad thinking I wouldn’t be able to see them too. I wouldn’t even have minded visiting my old vet. I quite liked him when he was prodding me or sticking needles in me.