Saturday 20th June 2009

Today is the first time that Shadow will have been to the kennels. She is a very people orientated dog and I don’t think she’s going to like it. I have been tasked with the dubious role of her carer and am supposed to be making sure that she settles in all right. To be honest, I am not looking forward to the role. I enjoy my time in kennels for the peace and quiet it gives me. I get quality thinking times, when the other dogs aren’t making a fuss. The prospect of sharing my room with a hyperactive puppy is not something I am completely looking forward to. I have been assured we will have separate bedrooms at night, which is a great consolation but it is adjoining rooms, so I shall still hear if she spends the night crying. I suppose it will bring out the best of me at first, the feeling of wanting to protect her and take care of her. By day two, I can see it being a bit wearisome.

Whilst we are in here, my Mistress has taken the opportunity to fill in the holes in the garden and plant some grass seed. It will have to be very fast growing stuff if it is to stand any chance of getting a hold before our little digger gets back to give it her full attention. Given that we are in such close proximity, I am sincerely hoping that the lack of greenery to supplement her diet, might mean that she has a touch less wind.