Friday 12th June 2009

You have to wonder about the High Street banks, or at least one of them in particular. Whilst I wouldn’t want to name names, it’s the same one that is closing all it’s Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society branches. My Mistress used their telephone banking arm to open a new account. Three days later they wrote to her and apologised that they couldn’t open it over the phone and sent her a form to complete. They didn’t tell her where to send the form or include half of the necessary details on it. She rang them again and they gave her the missing information. She sent the form off and a week later it has been sent back because it isn’t that address that deals with it, they say she will have to contact the local branch. They were the customer services for the local branch. Would it have been so very difficult for them to liaise with a different human being and sort it out? You wouldn’t think so. If this is their standard of service, is it any wonder they needed government input to keep them going?

When dogs rule the world, we will do away with banks altogether and simply bury savings. There may be a little time involved when you come to collect what you deposited when we firstly have to remember where it was buried and secondly see just how much we chewed it before we buried it. Let’s face it though, we can’t be any worse than the existing system. We might occasionally forget ourselves and eat your savings, but have you ever heard of a dog committing fraud, being declared bankrupt or requiring government intervention.