Thursday 11th June 2009

My Mistress carefully filled in the two largest holes in the garden. She then firmed the soil down, raked the surface and planted grass seed on the top. She lovingly watered it in and came back inside. First thing the following morning, Shadow dug both of the holes up again. My Mistress was not best pleased.

On a brighter note, it seems that the building work on our new house is about to begin. I’m thinking of sending Shadow to work on stage one, as that involves something in the way of demolition. I have a feeling that she could quite enjoying knocking things down. For my own part, I am looking forward to watch the new part growing and taking shape. I shall be on hand to advise the builder of exactly where I want things, just in case my Mistress has made any mistakes. I’ll have my tape measure ready to make sure there is plenty of space for my bed in all the corners I fancy having naps in. I need there to be ample room to build a barrier to keep Shadow out of my areas.

As a result of their dismal failure in the European elections, the Labour Party are at last discussing electoral reform. It stands to reason to me as a dog, that every vote should be of equal worth, otherwise you can understand why people don’t see the need to bother. You would like to think that so many years after adult humans were enfranchised, they would have a system where their vote could make a difference. All we need now is the universal enfranchisement of dogs and we will have a civilised society.