Wednesday 10th June 2009

This going to the gym lark is all very well, but I can’t help noticing that when my Mistress gets back she is a little on the shaky side. I think it’s probably a measure of just how unfit she is, so we’ll just have to wait and see if it gets any better. She certainly isn’t at that accomplished stage where she returns from exercise in full bloom and looking the picture of health! As long as she doesn’t expect me to go swimming with her. I’m still proud to say that I have never voluntarily got into any water. The few baths I have had in my life have been far from voluntary and have seen me screaming and kicking in an attempt to be somewhere else at the time they are taking place. Shadow on the other hand, were she given the opportunity, would be asking for the bubble bath and some plastic ducks to play with.

They were talking on the radio this morning about which they would cope with best, the death of someone important or their dog. I was horrified to find that there are women out there who think that people are more important than their dogs. The men on the other hand had a much more pragmatic approach and seemed to recognise our important contribution to the family. All I can say is that I’m glad that my Mistress is as dotty over us as she is. There is no way she would trade us in. There are already complaints in the house that she puts us first and if I’m being strictly honest, they are not without their justification. We live in an exalted position that should be applied to all dogs, except Jack Russells. I think this should be added to the PDDP policies. I’ll discuss it with my shadow cabinet later, if she’ll stop chasing her tail for long enough.