Saturday 30th May 2009

While she hasn’t actually got as far as the exercise itself, my Mistress has gone to the trouble of buying some exercise shorts that fit. I think she’s on a slow build up to actually doing some exercise, still they say it’s the thought that counts, but that may be something else.

She has found a tiny problem with all the choices of colour that she has made for the new house. Crown has changed their paint colour range and some of them are no longer available. Now she has to go through and choose the nearest alternative and in some instances where there is no similar colour she is having to start all over again. It was bad enough seeing how stressed she was when she came back from B&Q with the boys after they had been choosing light fittings. I’m just glad I’m a dog and don’t have all these decisions to make.

I can get confused about the little things, like my bowl. My bowl has been moved. It used to be up on a stand with the water bowl so that I could eat and drink without bending down. However, my Mistress has observed that I would rather stretch down to the water bowl and share with Shadow and it seems crazy to have two water bowls down if we don’t need them. So she has moved the big water bowl to the floor. Then she looked at the stand with my food and pointed out that if I’d rather drink at floor level, she could save some space if I would eat at floor level too. “Don’t I get any say?” I asked, but it seems that I don’t. And let’s face it, I’m not likely to go on hunger strike to prove a point like that, am I?