Friday 29th May 2009

How is your average, ordinary person supposed to deal with the faceless bureaucracy that is a Government department? My Mistress needs a letter from the tax office to say that she pays tax in this country. You wouldn’t think that would be so very difficult would you. She rang the tax office, they told her to write to them. She wrote to the tax office and as she has heard nothing in return she decided to ring them. For the most part, the phone simply tells you that the queue is too long and then they tell you to ring later and cut you off. Eventually, my Mistress got through, only to be told that their computer systems were down and they couldn’t tell her anything at all. Since then she has been cut off every time she has rung, because their queues are too long. If someone tried to run a company that way they would go out of business very quickly, so why do we have to put up with it from a Government department?

In her rather belated attempts to get fit, my Mistress is trying some workout DVDs to go with the swimming. I was disappointed to find that Shadow and I were not allowed into the bedroom while she was trying it. I wasn’t planning to laugh, I thought I might take part with her, although I have a head start with Yoga as I have no problem getting my leg round the back of my neck. I suppose given my flexibility, it is vaguely possible that I might have ended up laughing at her just a little bit. I always say these things are much better done together. She just doesn’t realise what support she’s missing out on by not sharing it with me. I do think keeping Shadow out is wise. It would be bad timing having my Mistress contorted into some odd shape only to have Shadow jump on her.