Sunday 24th May 2009

We’ve got a friend staying today so we’re in for a long walk. I say ‘we’ the friend is really one of my Mistress’s but I’m happy to claim them as mine. There was talk about a bike ride, but I don’t think that included me. I’m not so much you bike sort of dog. It will be interesting because Shadow hasn’t really experiences bicycles yet, I wonder what she’ll think of them.

Not content with digging up the weeds that are actually in our garden, Shadow is now digging tunnels under the fence specifically so that she can get to the ones on the other side. I’m thinking of changing her name to Houdini for how good she is at finding escape routes. At the moment my Mistress keeps having to put stones to fill the holes as quickly as Shadow can dig them. How do you go about repairing holes that have been dug by a dog? For a start if there is any fresh soil put into fill the hole, she’d have that out in no time at all. I think my Mistress is planning to try when we go to kennels next but I’m not sure that that would give it enough time to get established before little digger paws is back and shovelling. It might help if it stopped raining so that the ground wasn’t so soft and muddy.

My Mistress has written a poem for a competition requiring satirical entries. Unfortunately she didn’t read it closely enough until after she had written a quite amusing poem about swine flu. It was only after writing it that she discovered that she was supposed to be writing about the current banking situation. Does anyone want a poem on swine flu?