Saturday 23rd May 2009

Now I don’t want to state the obvious, but my Mistress is not so young as she used to be. She has discovered this the hard way. She hurt her shoulder some weeks ago and it just doesn’t seem to be healing. You would think she was trying to write a book about how hospitals work as she is steadily working her way around all the different departments. She will be discovering the physiotherapy department for the first time this time, although the doctor did warn her that by the time the appointment arrived, she may well be better!

I took Shadow for her rabies jab yesterday. I was supposed to be there to make her feel more comfortable about everything, but I’m not sure it really worked. I may have led her astray just slightly, by trying to get the Jack Russell that was in the waiting area and I certainly led the way in eating the treats that the vet gave us and then took up my position outside the treat cupboard in the hope that there might be some more coming my way. I was a bit anxious when I saw the needle but was a lot happier when I realised it was being inserted into Shadow’s rear and not mine. Shadow seemed rather less than impressed. It was quite a palaver getting both of us into the car and we did rather tie my mistress in a knot with both of our leads. It isn’t made any easier that she can’t use her bad shoulder to hold onto my lead at the moment, so once we’ve got her tied up, there isn’t all that much she can do.

All the roads round here have been closed off, one by one, so that the council can repair the holes. Unfortunately, when you live in the middle of nowhere it can lead to some very long diversions, to go not very far at all. It doesn’t help that they have done the repairs in the rain and they aren’t likely to last. It means we all know we’ll be in much the same position again by this time next year.