Friday 1st May 2009

We had an exciting few hours this week. Suddenly, rather than just the two sheep that we’ve got used to, another ten arrived. We were all set for a party but they didn’t stay long. Just as we’d arranged the house warming for them we were back to just the two. It was a nice thought while it lasted.

Shadow is not twelve weeks old and it’s easy to tell just how much she has grown. She can’t run and hide underneath the sunlounger without banging her head. She has now had to progress to hiding under the slightly higher fence. She’s missing being able to run behind the rabbit hutch although she’s still fairly elusive when she doesn’t want to be caught. She has also learnt how to beg for scraps and is no longer content to eat just dog food. Now while I don’t mind if there are sufficient leftovers for me to get my normal share when it is a question of sharing the usual amount between two of us, I’m really rather less then impressed. There is one small upside. Shadow is more a grazer than a wolfer when it comes to food. There have been a number of times when I’ve been able to take advantage of this and sneak a quick mouthful or two out of her bowl. It’s ok until I get caught, then I do get into quite a lot of trouble. Fair enough, so she needs to eat the right amount but she needs to do it quickly otherwise I can not be held responsible.

My Mistress is hoping to plant some of the plants from the pots to the garden at the other house in an attempt to stop Shadow eating them all. I found myself being accused of joining in with the plant eating. Honestly, what do they take me for? I’m much more of an indoor plant fan.