Saturday 25th April 2009

When my Mistress was passing through Paris the other day, she saw a dog on a moped that looked like my friend Elvis. I don’t know whether Elvis has ever been on a moped but I can’t imagine he was suddenly in Paris with a strange person that my Mistress didn’t recognise. I’ve never actually seen a dog unaccompanied on a motorbike or for that matter one wearing a crash helmet, but it must be a very exciting way to travel. I suppose it is easier if you’re a small dog and can fit more easily than I would.

I did all start to make me think of my homeland and ask when we can next go to Belgium to see my friends. It’s not that I don’t like it here, but I did have some very good friends in Belgium and I’d like to introduce Shadow to my mum and sister and show her where I used to live. Shadow won’t be able to travel for another six or seven months so in the meantime I guess I’ll just have to persuade my Mistress to take me without her. I hope she doesn’t go all funny on me and say it would be unfair to put Shadow into kennels on her own, after all I’ve been expected to go on my own, so why shouldn’t she? Although to be fair, Shadow has never yet had to spend any real time on her own, so she’s not used to it. She might worry.

It isn’t many more days until Shadow will be allowed to go out. It’s going to be fun taking her to see all my favourite places. I don’t suppose she’ll want to get very far to begin with, but I’m sure she will eventually get to see my favourite lane. I think my Mistress is planning to take her to the new house first.