Friday 24th April 2009

Shadow has discovered the wonderful fun of tail chasing. There’s just one tiny little problem. At the moment it is my tail she’s chasing. I’ve tried telling her she’s supposed to chase her own, but she just looked at me and said “Where’s the fun in that?” It’s obviously going to take a little while for it to sink in that there are hours of fun in chasing your own tail and the advantage is that you can do it without anyone else being around. In the meantime I she just have to carry on whimpering when she actually catches mine. The other thing she has discovered is the computer. I thought I was going to have it all to myself and that she wasn’t that sort of dog, but I found her sitting on my Mistress’s knee watching what she was doing and trying to push the keys for herself at intervals. I hope she doesn’t get too interested. I suppose I could delegate some of my writing to her, but to be honest I’m not sure she thinks in the same way as me and the result might be not what I intended.

I’ve been thinking about the rabbits and wondering where they live now. I was also wondering what their new owners had called them and don’t suppose for a minute that the little black one is called Aristotle. That’s not the sort of name a five year old would choose, unless they were a very precocious five year old.

My Mistress is away at the moment and has left me in charge of the household. It’s a huge responsibility but somebody had to do it and my Master wasn’t keen for it to be him. I’m doing all right looking after Shadow, but I’m finding getting James to school a little more difficult.