Thursday 23rd April 2009

For all you patriotic English people a very happy St George’s Day to you all. For those of you who aren’t patriotic then I’m very sorry for you. It’s a good thing to be proud of your country as long as you don’t take it too far. My Mistress is the main one in this house to celebrate, except just to confound that point of view she’s gone to France. Ah well, I’m sure she can celebrate it there too.

Yesterday was fun. My Mistress had to follow Shadow round with a little tray to try to get a urine sample. It’s not the easiest thing to do with a dog, particularly one that doesn’t really understand what you are doing. She was successful in the end.

In attempt to stop Shadow digging up the plants in the plant pots, my Mistress moved them to the other side of the trellis fence. Except a trellis fence has holes that are big enough to put a paw through and the pots were right up against the fence and Shadow carried on digging through the fence. They’ve now been moved a little further away in the hope that the remaining plants might survive. To be honest if my Mistress was hoping that the remains might still shoot from their roots, I think she’s kidding herself. She could have tried blaming a local fox or something, except  I think even the rural foxes have moved as far as the local towns and away from the open land. I thought they were just moving to cities but even round here you see them in the built up areas more than you see them in the countryside. I think they probably feel safer there. You don’t tend to get hunts riding through people’s back gardens.