Monday 13th April 2009

Well Easter Sunday turned out to be more eventful than I was expecting. This time it wasn’t Shadow’s doing either. Oh she tore a hole in James’s pyjamas and misbehaved in a generally unacceptable way, but we are coming to expect that of her. Yesterday’s excitement involved my Mistress spending half the day at hospital due to problems with her thyroid gland. I won’t bore you with the details and in case you’re squeamish I won’t tell you about the needle they stuck in her neck, but her biggest worry while she was there was whether she was going to end up being wheel clamped. How do you guess in an Accident and Emergency car park how long you need to pay and display for? It’s bad enough that you have to pay at all for all the waiting time that is dictated by the hospital but when you’re in the middle of treatment you can’t really say “Can I nip down and top up the meter to avoid being clamped?” Thankfully everything worked out all right and she was able to come back to us safe and sound after just four hours.

I think my Mistress might be weakening on the rabbit front. She seems to think she can cope with Shadow and she needs to visit the pet shop to buy us some supplies so I said she could do it at the same time. At least she didn’t say no, so I’ll just have to wait and see. Although to be honest, given how happy Andy is playing on the computer we might as well set up an electronic one that he can feed and virtually stroke. The advantage of that would be that virtually cleaning them out would save a lot of trouble.