Wednesday 15th April 2009

It is with some relief that I can report that my Mistress came home from hospital yesterday afternoon. It was the only day in three and a half years that I haven’t had access to the computer to write my diary so I’m glad to be back. What my Mistress has concluded is that hospital is the last place you want to be when you feel ill. You need plenty of sleep to recover and in hospital they go in for sleep depravation, with medication, temperature checks, lights on, lots of noise, people snoring, people repeatedly asking if they have had their breakfast yet. She is now very glad to be home.

While she was gone, Shadow has added to her list of accomplishments. She can now dig exceedingly well. She doesn’t seem to be tunnelling out, just digging for the sake of it. My Mistress says she used to dig as a small child but grew out of it and is sincerely hoping that this is just a phase with Shadow too. “Run that past me again.” I said to my Mistress and yes it’s true she used to spend her time making mud pies and went as far as throwing one at her sister out of jealousy on one rather memorable occasion. I just hope Shadow doesn’t start trying that with me. James was going to give her a sheet of newspaper to play with but my Mistress said that wasn’t a good idea. The danger of giving her something now that you don’t want her to help herself to later is that she won’t know the difference. I pointed out that it was easy if she read the stories to realise which newspapers were only fit for shredding and which should be reserved for reading, but I don’t think she’s showing the same level of interest in politics.