Sunday 15th March 2009

As I watched my Master and Mistress attempting to construct the impossible hutch, I suggested that they would have been better to give Aristotle the screwdriver and instructions when she arrives and let her get on with it. To say it is not intuitive is an understatement. As for the instructions saying it takes 30 minutes to construct, I can only think that was undertaken by a team who had already put together a further 25 hutches to perfect their technique and who were using power screwdrivers that do the job easily. So far, half a hutch has taken just over an hour.

Whilst in the process of construction, consideration was given to what a windy garden we have. There is a concern that Aristotle should not become a flying rabbit and some doubt as to whether the hutch would withstand high winds or not. The thought of finding the hutch dashed against the fence and poor Aristotle as a quivering wreck, or if well enough making a bid for freedom is now causing some alarm. As it is the plants that my Mistress has so carefully planted in pots on the patio are looking a little windswept to put it mildly. The original idea with the plants was to put them into the front garden of the new house, but on closer inspection there is not currently a flower bed to plant them in and my Mistress couldn’t face digging the grass out to start one. The plant pots are therefore a temporary home until the sooner of my mistress bothering to dig a flower bed or she kills them. Given the line of dead herbs in the kitchen, I don’t fancy their chances.