Monday 16th March 2009

Well you will be pleased to know that the hutch and run are now built. In addition to the instructions for building them, it involved some drilling, because there were holes missing and some searching for matching screws because the bag contained the wrong number, but the rabbits now have a palace waiting for their arrival. At the point that the hutch was complete a minor family crisis occurred, when the seven year old for whom the rabbit is being bought was invited to inspect the handiwork. He promptly burst into tears and said there was no point because the rabbit would only die. My Master did a great job of trying to explain mortality and harmony was restored. It was another four hours before he would look at the hutch though, but at least then he showed a brief glimmer of excitement.

Overall the spring weather quite went to my Mistress’s head. She has cut the grass at the other house and scrubbed down the garden bench. They have even built most of the fence to keep Shadow away from the holes between us and the neighbours. I have been asked to promise not to undermine their handy work and it has been explained to me that it is in my interest to look out for Shadow’s needs. All I can say is that I never mean to get into trouble it just happens. Who can blame me for wanting to chase the neighbour’s cat under the fence? What dog wouldn’t? I have promised to try not upsetting the rabbits. I have to remember to be polite to them and not make loud noises to frighten them. I think I’d better write myself a note in big letters so that I don’t forget.