Thursday 26th February 2009

I’m feeling a bit down. My blog didn’t get short listed in the competition I entered it for. I suppose I shouldn’t take it too personally, I was the only dog who entered and I’m sure they probably were a little concerned about how I would behave at the awards ceremony if they gave it to me. I am a dog with a fighting spirit and I’ll live to fight another day. We sat down and had a bit of a heart to heart, my Mistress and me, she was feeling like giving up too. I did a deal with her. I’ll keep going if she will. She said she thinks we need a holiday but that’s easier said than done. I asked if we could go back to the log cabin for a week, but she said even if we did that it wouldn’t be until the summer and maybe we could all four of us go. I questioned four, but it seems she was including my Master and Shadow. It’s going to be strange having to get used to not having my Mistress to myself. She’s promised it won’t make any difference to the time we have together but I know in reality it will. I think that’s what raiding the bin was all about, I was seeking some extra attention and making sure she couldn’t forget that I’m here.

We talked about what project to embark on next, while we went on our walk today. My Mistress seems to think she wants time to capitalise on everything we’ve done so far before starting something new. She wants me to put together the whole of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party manifesto so that we can see if someone will publish that. It’s all very well, but what she doesn’t seem to appreciate is that this is something for pet dogs. On the whole the humans are the enemies against whom we need to fight to bring justice. She said people could always buy it for their dog.