Wednesday 4th February 2009

I missed Groundhog Day. It was Monday and I missed it. Admittedly as it happens in America I was probably asleep while they were taking poor old Phil the groundhog out of hibernation to see if he thought that winter was coming to an end. I can’t imagine Phil was too happy to be woken from a nice winter sleep, only to reveal that winter will last another six weeks and he may as well go back to bed. I can’t decide whether the American people are enlightened by consulting an animal to work out what the weather is going to do or whether they are more misguided than the rest of you. In terms of how they predict the weather, there must be some grain of truth behind it. I presume the groundhog only casts a shadow because there is high pressure and that is weather that at certain times of year sits around for long periods of time. Given that it is a tradition taken from Germany to America, do you think they were just lucky to find the same weather conditions in Pitsburgh?

I am anxiously awaiting news of the birth of the puppies. I do hope that it all goes well and that they are all born fit and strong. I’m not even close to where they are being born and it isn’t as though I’m the father, but I’ve been pacing up and down and asking my Mistress if she has heard anything yet. She has said I may as well relax, she’ll definitely find me to break the news as soon as she hears. She doesn’t know what it’s like. It’s such an important event to my breed in this country that I can’t possible sit down and twiddle my paws.