Monday 26th January 2009

I spent the journey home in the car yesterday doing a bit of thinking. Where is the whole financial crisis going to end? If it were just one country having problems then it would probably be bought by another country, but it isn’t, it’s the whole world. It’s an interesting thought with free markets. At what point of all the companies being bought by other countries does one of those countries have the right to say ‘we now own that country’. Take England for example, what makes it English? Now in this country we hold the land ‘free of any dues to the crown’ – freehold. What if all the houses for sale and businesses were bought by French people and French companies, at what point would England become part of France? Is this more or less worrying than the thought that a big powerful company like Microsoft might suddenly start buying up bits of England and making us part of their company rather than a country at all. When you really start to think about it, it makes the thought of a job of caretaker of a desert island sound all the more attractive, although the island is owned by the Australian Government, so who’s to say that you couldn’t find you’ve been sold to Microsoft even then.

All I can say is the time for dogs to have their say and sort out this situation is definitely here. It’s only humans that have been carried away on a bandwagon of excess, we’re still as happy with a bone. There’s so much that humans can learn from their dogs, if only they would take the time to sit down and ask us. We’d tell you all our secrets of a happy life in exchange for just the odd pat or two.